3 Phase WiFi Smart Meter

3 Phase WiFi Smart Meter

Back in 2015, after completing my first year of EEE at Imperial College, my tutor offered an interesting research opportunity. The project was to design an affordable but capable 3 Phase Power Meter. The meter was to be able to work in a sort of swarm/network and communicate wirelessly to a central server.

The idea behind the meter was to be able to perform thorough analysis on various loads/points on the grid.  After much deliberation, I came up with a scheme where 3 synchronised ADC’s (1 per phase) sampled the voltage and current and dumped the samples onto a fairly capable DSP. The DSP would them communicate with an on-board ESP8266 which would finally send that data to a server.

The meter itself also had the capability of displaying the data on a LCD, as it had an onboard DSP you could even display a split screen between FFT and time domain plots!

The ADC sample at 8KHz and output 24 bit words.

photo (3).jpg
The assembled board
photo (5).jpg
FFT and Time Domain view of an input signal

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